Project Details


The annual competition offers workshops on experiential learning and human-centered design thinking to help participants understand the needs of the community and conceive ideas for helping others. The winning teams are given the opportunity to conduct prototype testing for their proposed solutions.


Social Innovation Club

To encourage young people to actively participate in social affairs, they are encouraged to establish their own action bases in schools and communities, conduct in-depth exploration of the community, experience the situations of different communities, identify pain points, develop solutions, implement measures to improve social problems, and demonstrate the spirit of social innovation and social entrepreneurship.


Social Innovation Curriculum Development Scheme

YIAA 3.0 has added curriculum support and enrichment elements. Using a school-based experiential model, human-centered design thinking is applied to different subjects to root the concept of social innovation on campus and create a shared environment for mutual learning and benevolence. Teachers are welcome to inquire and discuss course design.

Suggested subjects/activities: Citizenship and Social Development, Health Management and Social Care, Service Learning/OLE.


Social Coin

Through the support of various businesses and industries, opportunities are provided for young people under the age of 18 to develop social innovation projects. Any finalist team of the "YIAA - Youth Impact Act Award" and any society of the "YIAA 3.0 - Social Innovation Club" can submit an application, allowing their preliminary tested projects to be further developed and implemented to fulfill their mission of helping others.




Supporting Organizations